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About Miranda Lloyd


I have over 22 years experience in graphic design, illustrations, advertising, marketing, visual arts plus publishing and have headed many national and international brands including running a design department at Certegy Australia (top 150 Australian listed companies), Bickford's Australia, Vok Beverages, Wheel and Barrow, Fosters, Diageo, The Fairies (TV show), God's Hill Wines, Hahndorf Farm Barn, Hahndorf Business and Tourism Association, mining industries, Local Councils and Government departments plus design for many local businesses. I operate my own graphic design, visual arts business and am available for any freelance projects. For my full career profile on linkedin CLICK HERE.


My business also won a finalist award (one of three) at Brand South Australia's Regional Business Awards 2014 for Outstanding Achievements and Significant Contributions Demonstrating Excellence in South Australia.

I am involved with many art exhibitions and art galleries in South Australia and sell alot of artworks nationally through online art galleries such as Bluethumb, Art Lovers Australia and Outback Creative. I have also become one of Bluethumb's top 20 selling artists of 8,000 Australian artists! My enthusiasm to paint comes from my love for the Adelaide Hills, wishing to bring the “Outside, Inside”; whilst complimenting my modern lifestyle. My paintings exaggerate natures lines, shapes and colours, creating a modern abstract and contemporary style, using mixed mediums; and any materials that create a high level of texture.

Average price range for my artworks is between $450 to $490 for my 1m x 1m artworks includes free shipping Australia wide.

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